Pro Tools Teachers/College Student Subscription


Avid 1-Year Software Updates Support RENEWAL for Pro Tools Teachers/College Student Subscription License


Power your sound with the tools that power the industry. With Pro Tools, everyone can sound their best. Whether you’re just starting to create music, a band tracking their next hit, or part of a team mixing the next Hollywood blockbuster, the Pro Tools product family has a solution to fit your needs. This Pro Tools edition is part of the second tier of the new 3-tier system of Pro Tools software. It provides more powerful recording and editing tools than the free, third-tier Pro Tools ¦ First; while the first-tier Pro Tools ¦ Ultimate package features the most complete music creation, mixing and toolset. Create at the speed of inspiration with Pro Tools! Online registration required.

If your Pro Tools update plan is about to expire, this Avid 1-year Software Updates Support Plan for Pro Tools lets you reinstate it at an amazing price. This plan provides you with a year of software updates as soon as they’re released, and one year of support from Avid, ensuring that your system remains current with up-to-the-minute releases and upgrades.

This is a special offer for students and teachers at qualifying educational institutions to purchase this software at a special reduced price. Proof of eligibility is required to qualify for this offer. This product is for Pro Tools customers whose software IS CURRENTLY COVERED under a Software Updates Support Plan.


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