Synchro Arts VocALign Ultra


Audio Alignment Plug-in – macOS/Win VST, AU, AAX, AS



VocAlign Goes Ultra

VocAlign has become an indispensable industry-standard plug-in; engineers at Sweetwater use it every day to composite and sync vocal and instrumental performances. Now, Synchro Arts ups the ante with VocAlign Ultra. VocAlign Ultra takes audio alignment to a new level of perfection, delivering superior results with increased flexibility and control, so you can tighten both the pitch and timing of your audio and control the amount of alignment that’s applied. Packed with advanced features — plus Synchro Arts’ most advanced alignment algorithm for enhanced precision — Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra is a must-have studio tool for modern music production.


Perfect results, quick and easy

Matching up vocals so they sound natural and composting them into a perfect take can be time consuming — not to mention frustrating — and you need all the help you can get. VocAlign Ultra’s updated algorithm is designed to achieve seamless results without arduous effort on your part, handling even the most complex alignment scenarios with precision so you can concentrate on the creative side of music production.

Variable alignment amount

A feature we absolutely love is VocAlign Ultra’s new tightness control, which leaves it up to you how much alignment to apply to your vocals. If ultra-tight is sounding a tad too perfect, simply loosen the setting a bit to retain more of the original performance for a more natural result.

Pitch perfect

While previous versions of VocAlign have only aligned the timing of performances, VocAlign Ultra tightens up pitch as well. Now you don’t need to waste time tuning doubles or backing vocals separately. When you’re happy with the tuning of your lead, VocAlign Ultra can use that as a guide for pitching the other vocals to match.

Presets for common alignment scenarios

If you’re not sure of which alignment settings to use, never fear. VocAlign Ultra’s expertly designed presets cover the most common alignment scenarios. You can even change the preset after an aligned output has been rendered and VocAlign Ultra will automatically create a new version that’s ready to drop into your DAW.

New, enhanced visual displays

To enhance the VocAlign Ultra user experience and enable quick diagnosis of alignment problems, VocAlign Ultra is equipped with new waveform and pitch displays that provide a detailed representation of the audio you’re working with. All the new features make this powerfully effective plug-in a pleasure to use. Put Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra to the test in your studio. We’re sure you’ll agree.

Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra Plug-in Features:

  • Synchro Arts’ most advanced alignment algorithm for enhanced precision
  • Adjustable control for tightening or loosening the aligned output
  • Pitch alignment
  • Comprehensive presets for common alignment scenarios
  • New enhanced visual displays
  • Resizable plug-in window
  • Advanced editing panel


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