Avid S1 Control Surface


Compact Control Surface with 8 Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders, Touch-sensitive Knobs, Touchscreen-integrated Keys, and Ethernet Connectivity

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Hands-on Immediacy for Pro Tools

With the Avid S1, you can enhance your workflow with the superior speed, visual feedback, and software integration of Avid’s high-end consoles in a compact control surface that’s big on features but easy on your budget. Avid incorporated advanced features from its impressive full-sized consoles into S1, including responsive, motorized, touch-sensitive faders, touch-sensitive knobs, and touchscreen-integrated keys. S1 gives you deep hands-on control of your favorite audio and video software and, together with the free Pro Tools | Control app for iPad, facilitates streamlined, ergonomic, and intuitive touchscreen workflows and S6-type metering and processing views that let you navigate through large sessions quickly and achieve better-sounding mixes faster. Whether you’re involved in music, video, or audio post production, now you can get the most out of Pro Tools with the compact, versatile Avid S1.

Accelerate your music, video, or audio post-production workflows

For musicians, producers, and engineers, working with just a mouse and keyboard can be a drag. Avid’s S1 gives you the hands-on immediacy, speed, precision, and software integration you need to quickly turn your creative ideas into top-quality finished product. S1 is also a boon to deadline-driven audio post houses where multiple projects routinely get shuttled through different mix rooms. S1 provides the hands-on audio recording, editing, and surround mixing efficiencies of larger consoles in a considerably smaller footprint, making it easy — and affordable — to equip every room in your facility. For video pros, S1 not only lets you tackle big projects with ease, but also allows you to complete sound editorial and mixing tasks faster and with greater precision than with a mouse and keyboard alone.

High-resolution Pro Tools control with tight software integration

S1 is powered by EuCon, a high-speed control protocol developed by Avid that enables deep hardware/software integration and simultaneous full-touch control of multiple Avid and 3rd-party software functions over Ethernet at 250 times the speed and eight times the resolution of MIDI. EuCon automatically detects whatever application is in the foreground and instantly sets the high-resolution touchscreen and displays, motorized faders, and arsenal of controls to match. There are over a thousand Pro Tools features that are accessible over EuCon and it continues to increase as newer features are added. EuCon even lets you toggle between multiple applications and workstations with the press of a button, for an incredibly fluid editing and mixing experience.

High-resolution OLED displays and free Pro Tools | Control app

A lot of us here at Sweetwater use the Avid S1, and we appreciate its high-resolution OLED displays. But for even more intuitive operation, S1 integrates with the free Pro Tools | Control iPad app, enhancing your workflow with instant visual feedback. From track names, parameter values, and automation data to S6-style monitoring, metering, and channel processing displays, S1 delivers the comprehensive hands-on experience and immediacy of working on a large-format console in a versatile, compact, budget-friendly control surface. Its dedicated Monitoring View lets you quickly assign and control talkback, listenback, as well as speaker sources and levels right from the surface to accelerate your recording and mixing workflows. S1 even makes it easy to reconfigure your control surface as your needs grow. Connect multiple units together or add an optional Pro Tools | Dock to create a single extended, integrated surface with a jog wheel, transport controls, focus fader, and more — all at your fingertips.

Avid S1 Control Surface Features:

  • 8-fader unit with touch-sensitive motorized faders, touch-sensitive knobs, and touchscreen-integrated keys
  • Connect multiple units together or add an optional Pro Tools | Dock to create a single extended, integrated surface with a jog wheel, transport controls, focus fader, and more
  • Automation LEDs, track color switches
  • Compatible with the free Pro Tools | Control app for iOS and Android
  • High-resolution OLED displays
  • High-res metering, including gain reduction, 9.1 surround support, automation status, EQ, dynamics, and panning graphs
  • High-speed EuCon Ethernet protocol
  • Deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for 3rd-party audio and video applications
  • Also compatible with other DAWs, including Cubase, Logic Pro, Premiere Pro, and more


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