Eventide EQuivocate Plug-in


26-band Graphic EQ Plug-in with Match/Invert EQ Function – Mac/PC AAX, AU, VST


Transparent 26-band Equalizer with EQ Match and Gain Match

nFrom Eventide and Newfangled Audio comes a new way to match and invert EQ curves from any incoming audio source: the EQuivocate graphic equalizer plug-in. EQuivocate’s 26 mastering-grade auditory filters, based on the MEL scale, correspond to critical listening bands in the human ear. These deliver smooth, transparent results for subtle master-buss sculpting to clear-cut instrument shaping. EQuivocate does a great job at matching EQ automatically — side-chain a reference track, synth pad, or drum buss into EQuivocate’s input, and watch as it imparts that EQ curve on your insert track. You can then adjust, or even invert, how much matching you get. Not only that, but EQuivocate also allows you to draw in your own curves for more creative sound sculpting.
nAnother useful feature is EQuivocate’s output section Auto Switch, which automatically matches perceived loudness between flat and EQ’d results — an essential feature for making critical mix decisions. Manually adjustable input and output gain, along with independently adjustable band controls — frequency center, gain, and even total number (1–26) of bands — give the Eventide / Newfangled EQuivocate all the power you need for just about any type of traditional EQ application as well.


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