Liquid Notes for LIVE


MIDI Effect of Liquid Notes for Live, Re-Harmonize MIDI Files, Multi-Track Control Over Chord Types, Live Mode, Plug and Play with Ableton Live, Mac OS X, Windows. Liquid Notes for Live from Re-Compose functions like a plug-in within Ableton’s Live 9 software and seamlessly allows the MIDI effects of Liquid Notes to operate inside the DAW. It is possible to make changes to MIDI clips on the fly and hear the effects immediately in Live. Regardless of the complexity and style of the arrangements the software provides an accurate analysis of the music and provides a base for changes and alterations to selected tracks or an entire arrangement. Edit clips by making adjustments to the vertical sliders (chord function) and rotary knobs (chords tension) while playing the song in Live. The software allows for transforming the chords and harmonic progression of the MIDI file using a drop-down chord selector changing the functionality and directionality of any chord or adding varying degrees of tension and harmonic color with a twist of a knob. Liquid Notes routes the MIDI data back to the sequencer using all the software instruments of the original arrangement.


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