n-Track Studio EX


Features Unlimited Audio Tracks, Unlimited MIDI Tracks, Unlimited Effects, 32- and 64-Bit OS Compatibility, 64-Bit Internal Processing, Sample Level Editing, Surround Mixing, Supports Hardware Fader/Control Surfaces, MTC & MIDI Clock Synchronization, For Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Studio EX 7 from n-Track is professional digital audio workstation (DAW) software offering full audio and MIDI recording editing and mixing for Mac PC iOS and Android platforms. The software supports an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks as well as plug-ins including VST VST3 DirectX AU and ReWire. Studio EX 7 will run on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and provides 64-bit internal processing and mixing. The software offers full automation of volume pan aux send & returns and effects. A live input processing feature allows you to record tracks dry while monitoring with effects. The built-in effects include reverb compression parametric & graphic EQ echo auto-volume pitch shift chorus multi-band compression spectrum analyzer drum machine/synth n-Track string synth and the n-Track vocal processing module. Other features include sample level editing surround mixing support for hardware/control surfaces and synchronization with external devices via MTC and MIDI clock. Studio EX 7 also offers CD recording and mp3 encoding.



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