Warm Audio WA-2A Optical Compressor


1-channel Tube Optical Compressor with All-discrete Signal Path, Custom Optical Photocell, and Cinemag Transformers


Warm Audio WA-2A Optical Compressor

Warm Audio’s WA-2A set its target high: the most iconic tube compressor in history. How does Warm do it? Through economies of scale, mostly. They don’t cut corners on components (the WA-2A employs a custom optical photocell and genuine US-made Cinemag transformers), but they do order parts and build in quantity, which helps to keep costs down. Like the original classic unit, the WA-2A gives you a completely discrete signal path and the same arrangement of controls. And yes, it replicates the original’s coveted warm sound and forgiving nature. Elevate your studio to the next level with the Warm Audio WA-2A.

What can the WA-2A do for you?

Every studio needs a good compressor, and the Warm Audio WA-2A is designed after the mother of all compressors — the legendary LA-2A Leveling Amplifier. With its euphonic, fluid, forgiving sonics and all-discrete, all-tube signal path, the WA-2A is your go-to device for everything from caressingly warm dynamics control to full-tilt squashfest. It’s fabulous on bass, kick drum, vocals — you name it. It’s lovely for punchy parallel processing on drums, and if you have two of them, the possibilities become even greater.

Top-tier performance — and a stunning value

At Sweetwater, we’re all about performance and value, and that’s what the WA-2A gives you. At this amazing price, you can double your value and get two. With a pair of these in your rack, you can make that stereo piano sit proudly in the track, punch up your toms, strap them across your stereo bus for some mastering magic, and fortify your mix with serious warmth and glue.

Warm Audio WA-2A Features:

  • Faithful re-creation of the iconic LA-2A Leveling Amplifier in a 2RU chassis
  • Completely discrete, all-tube signal path:
  • Historically accurate 4-tube circuit
  • US-made Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Custom optical photocell
  • Warm Audio’s 1-year warranty


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