Using the plug-in’s control panel you create hypnotic robotic or subtle and complex human rhythm sequences. You can also make digital signals sound more like analog or add velocity to a true vintage analog synthesizer. The core engine of the software uses a multimode filter with proprietary 0-delay-feedback and advanced modeling technologies. A full true stereo engine provides dynamic balance (pan) and stereo width dynamic controls which allows for all volumes and gains (VCA) in the stereo path to be adjusted. An exclusive spray delay effect and crusher effect with dynamic control completes the program’s five essential effects. The software’s Realtime Interactive Transformation Area (RITA) allows you to control the unit by playing live on a MIDI keyboard using only note on note pitch velocity mod wheel after-touch control pedal keyboard tracking and more. The filter control enables total control of the multi-mode analog filter with dedicated hardwired envelope LFOs and the company’s Le Lotus Bleu Masks Technology. Pan-Level Control allows you to control pan and volume with dedicated envelope multi-wave LFO and another complete grid-masks combo. Any of the program’s 91 parameters can be modulated using a third grid-mask area. The direct MIDI assignation allows you to automate up to 91 parameters via MIDI CC. The program’s masks function as advanced step sequencers with the main difference that the length and time position of each step/mask is free. A collection of presets allow for quick and easy application of the effect.


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