Elevate Bundle Upgrade


  • @New mastering tool
  • Works as a multi-band limiter, aurally accurate equalizer and Maximizer
  • Adaptive AI-based limiter analyzes and modifies gain, speed thomann and transients of each of the up to 26 filter bands in real-time
  • Preserves or emphasizes fast transients to maintain the airiness in the mix
  • Gets the attack of kicks, snares, cymbals etc, without affecting the overall mix
  • Linear phase filters based on the Mel scale
  • Variable solo functions for limiting problem thomann areas
  • Auto Output Level allows the comparison of processed and unprocessed signal at the same volume
  • Spectral Clipper for overdriving the output signal without affecting the sound balance
  • Versatile metering options for comprehensive visual inspection


  • Supported formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative
  • System requirements: from Win7 (32/64-bit), from Mac thomann OSX 10.7, registered Eventide EQuivocate, Internet connection, iLok License Manager


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