Eventide MangledVerb



Reverb with distortion
While the H9 can produce many beautiful sounds, we recognize the universe is a chaotic and often violent place, so in the spirit of the yin and yang of it all, we included MangledVerb from the Eventide Eclipse.

Technically, MangledVerb feeds a non-standard stereo reverb into distortion, but sonically it can range from the light friction of a bow scraping a cello string to the mayhem of a caged beast being poked with a red hot flounder. Judicious use of the [WOBBLE] and [ODRIVE] is approved, and try small [SIZE] and short [DECAY] for some surprising sounds

The Infamous MangledVerb — Now in a Plug-in!

Eventide’s MangledVerb plug-in, based on the effect found in the company’s acclaimed H9 pedal, delivers a delightful sonic hellscape of deliciously distorted, warped, and twisted reverb. Sonically, MangledVerb ranges from the slight friction of a cello bow scraping over a string to the phased roars of a fantastic beast being spell-cast with a flaming wand. Crank up the Wobble and Overdrive, and hold on. Dial back on the Size and Decay controls for some surprising results. Sweetwater tip: used judiciously with parallel processing, MangledVerb is a great tool for forging a signature sound. If a track calls for shock and awe; serve it straight, no chaser.

Eventide: pioneering digital effects for over four decades

In the 1970s, Eventide put digital effects on the map with their groundbreaking Digital Delay and Harmonizer units. In the early ’80s came the first rackmount multi-effects processor, the SP2016. Every studio worth its salt had to have one for its reverbs alone, much less for the other one-of-a-kind effects on tap. The SP2016’s successor, the H3000, introduced a cornucopia of new effects and was the must-have rackmount processor of the ’90s. The H4000 and H8000 followed, introducing the concept of surround sound reverb — which the H9000 takes to even greater heights of stunning realism. Meanwhile, Eventide began porting their effects expertise to the design of high-end guitar multi-effects pedals. And as computer audio began to become a force majeure in music and sound production, Eventide plunged into the software arena with a series of plug-ins emulating their acclaimed hardware.

Eventide MangledVerb Plug-in Features:

  • Based on the effect found in Eventide’s acclaimed H9 pedal
  • Serves up steaming plates of deliciously distorted, warped, and twisted reverb
  • Wobble and Overdrive controls tame/encourage sonic mayhem
  • Size and Decay controls for shaping and reality inversion
  • iLok.com user account required; iLok hardware dongle optional


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