Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4.2


Automatic Vocal and Dialog Alignment and Pitch-matching Software with Automatic and Manual Pitch Correction, Track Doubling, and Harmony Generation – Mac/PC Standalone, AAX Native, AudioSuite, VST3, AU


Cutting-edge Alignment- and Pitch-matching

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro is your go-to plug-in for tightening up stacked background vocals or instrumental tracks, creating realistic double tracks, and performing automated dialog replacement (ADR). Its APT process empowers you to take the timing, pitch, and vibrato of one track and use a guide pattern on another. Its Doubler creates double tracks with impressive speed, accuracy, and sonic quality while giving you complete control over time and pitch corrections. Warp processing makes it easy to manipulate the timing and pitch of your audio while maintaining maximum audio quality. And with version 4, Revoice Pro includes the cutting-edge ARA2 protocol, along with improved pitch-editing tools, advanced vibrato manipulation, and more.

Sessions saved by Revoice Pro 4 can’t be opened in Revoice Pro 3. This product requires that you have an iL



Revoice Pro is the result of more than a decade of innovation

Synchro Arts is a familiar company to professionals in the post-production field as a result of their revolutionary VocALign software. VocALign allowed engineers to perform automated dialog replacement (ADR) for film or television to replace on-set recordings with later studio voice recordings. VocALign extracted the timing from the original voice track and applied it to the replacement track resulting in a tight, perfectly-synchronized performance. Revoice Pro is the newest incarnation of the VocALign technology. While retaining VocALign’s time-alignment functionality, Revoice Pro also gives you the ability to match the level and pitch of the original track. Needless to say, engineers in post-production love this plug-in!

APT (Audio Performance Transfer) process creates tight vocals, instruments, and dialog replacement

Revoice Pro tightens up tracks made from multiple takes by matching their timing, pitch, and level characteristics to a guide track. Modify the timing and pitch of an actor’s take and match it with another take or actor, or change the inflection in dialog for voiceovers using a guide pattern provided by the director or dialog editor. You can also use a vocalist’s performance to modify another vocalist’s performance. Beyond that, version 4 includes separate Music and Dialog modes. Music mode responds intelligently to musical details, maintaining the desirable musical differences between tracks to maximize your end result. Dialog mode retains the tight and accurate sound you need for rock-solid ADR sync. You get improved energy displays and easier control over information displays. You can also compare Guide and Dub pitch traces and benefit from pitch crossfades at the end of pitch-protected areas.


Doubler instantly creates natural-sounding mono and stereo double tracks

Effective both for vocals and instruments, Revoice Pro’s Doubler creates realistic mono and stereo double tracks from vocal or instrument recordings when no double track is available. Doubler’s natural-sounding tracks can then be manually manipulated by modifying timing variations, formants, and vibrato. You can also use Doubler to create a wide range of special modulation effects. This is one of our favorite ways to create double-tracked vocals here at Sweetwater. Give it a spin — you’ll understand why!

Warp manually adjusts timing, pitch, and level

Revoice Pro’s Warp processes improve or alter the pitch and timing of tracks that will be used as guide tracks in the APT process. You can also correct or alter the pitch of a harmony track before using it as an input to an APT process that will have only its timing aligned to the guide track. The output of this APT process can then become a harmony guide track for automatically aligning the time and pitch of double tracks of this harmony part. On top of that, you can manually adjust the pitch and time of a solo vocal or any voice recording that is not being used with any other vocal track. Of course, you can always make minor adjustments to the features in the output of an APT process or modify their signal levels as you see fit. And with version 4, your pitch manipulations will benefit from a bevy of enhanced pitch-editing tools.


Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 Features:

  • NEW Separate APT Music and Dialog modes improve the accuracy of your final results
  • NEW Time-stretch vibrato without affecting the speed to maintain a vocal’s tonal characteristics
  • NEW Enhanced pitch-editing tools give you a more natural-sounding result
  • NEW ARA2 protocol enables unprecedented instant communication between the plug-in and your DAW
  • APT (Audio Performance Transfer) process creates tight vocals, instruments, and dialog replacement
  • User-inserted protected regions prevent sections of the output signal from being altered
  • Process-based audition features provide efficient comparison of before and after processing
  • A comprehensive preset system allows saving and reusing settings
  • Warp processes allow “in-place” preparation of APT guide audio
  • Time-variable pitch transfer parameters graphically vary pitch tightness, offset, and transfer strength
  • Produces totally transparent time and pitch adjustments
  • Doubler produces natural-sounding mono and stereo double tracks
  • Manual pitch and time warping makes it easy to select and manipulate timing and pitch
  • Simple, clean, and fast interface is easy to understand and use
  • Link plug-ins and copy or drag operations accelerate transfers between Revoice Pro 4 and your DAW
  • AU Monitor plug-in plays Revoice Pro 4’s output through an AU stereo insert and tracks your DAW’s playback


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