XILS LeMasque Delay


The masked zones of the grid are processed by the delay unit while all of the audio data outside of the masks remains unchanged. The grid can be synced to either your DAW or to its own internal clock. With this effect you can extract and modify specific parts of a loop apply delay to only a part of a loop such as the snare or even one particular snare hit in the groove. This can then be modulated in real time via the mod wheel and/or any other auto-modifiers like loopable envelope or LFO. The same can be applied to hi hats bass drum grooves or turning delayed bass drums into Simmons toms while preserving the quality of the original audio. The delay effect is a powerful tool for reviving and evolving existing loop libraries and live recordings. The effect can even be used for live performances to excite guitar riffs ambient keyboards electric bass and lead lines. A collection of presets provides a helpful starting point or can be chosen at random to experiment with new musical possibilities.



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