2 Aliasing-Free Morphing Oscillators, 16-Voice Polyphony, 4-Pole Low-Pass Self Oscillating Filter, 128-Step Polyphonic Sequencer, Arpeggiator, MIDI Sync LFOs, Effects, Mac OS X, Windows The Poly – KB from XILS-Lab captures the sound and spirit of the legendary and rare RSF Poly – Kobol analog synthesizer. Only thirty were ever built and the instrument features two continuous morphing oscillators which can be modulated by many sources. Three different modulation matrix tools including a Polyphonic Modulation YX pad (Dyna – MYX) allows for each note played to be unique. The stereo scene can be controlled by the unison mode combined with the Dyna – MYX pad. An eight-part polyphonic sequencer features live recording velocity editing and a sophisticated step play mode useful for live chord pattern playing.



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